Owning a home in Nebraska brings the property rights that merely renting a home does not.  But those property rights in most communities are restricted to a degree by the ordinances of the city or county or the covenants that may have been recorded by a homeowner association.

The news reported on a homeowner in Washington state who has built a tree house for his son.  Who didn’t want a tree house as a kid?  The city wanted it removed because of a potential liability to those below on the sidewalk.  Who doesn’t think the city would be liable if a pedestrian walking on a public sidewalk was injured by falling debris?  Who is right? Who is wrong?

If you have questions about the enforcement of real estate covenants in a Nebraska neighborhood, Thompson Law Office can provide legal advice about your rights and obligations as a homeowner or as a homeowners association.  Consult with a real estate lawyer about property law near west Omaha or Chadron, Nebraska.

Source: Washington homeowner fighting to keep treehouse – Omaha.com.

Ben Thompson

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