When a couple is contemplating marriage in Nebraska, it makes sense to consider getting advice from a prenuptial agreement lawyer.

Is a premarital agreement enforceable in Nebraska?

Nebraska statutes and case law address the enforceability of prenuptial agreements (sometimes called “antenuptial agreements” or a “prenup”).  If you want to make sure that your prenup will be binding, then it makes sense to seek the advice of a family law lawyer.  Your soon to be spouse will also want to strongly consider hiring his or her own attorney to protect his or her interests.  Matrimony lawyers cannot represent both parties to a prenuptial agreement in Nebraska.

Nebraska has adopted the Uniform Premarital Agreement Act.  This Act sets forth certain requirements of a prenuptial agreement, such that it must be in writing and signed by both parties.  While this may seem obvious, many disputes during divorce may trace back to oral agreements made in contemplation of marriage but never reduced to writing.  A prenuptial agreement lawyer can help.

What topics can a premarital agreement address in Nebraska?

  1. prenuptial agreement lawyerProperty rights;
  2. Disposition of property upon separation, divorce, or death;
  3. Spousal support;
  4. Life insurance policies; and
  5. Certain other matters.

Consult with a Nebraska Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer

Marriage is a big decision.  If you have any questions about how it will impact your property rights, take the time to consult with a family law lawyer that works with premarital agreements in Nebraska.  Modern Law Firm is available to assist.  Call 402-934-0198 or toll-free 1-888-934-0198 or schedule a consultation online now.

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