What does your American Dream look like?

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To generations of Nebraskans, a central piece of the American Dream has been home ownership. Some seek to own real estate to provide a home for their family. Others may be seeking to invest in income-bearing properties. Still others own businesses that have needs for office space, retail locations, or industrial facilities. Whatever your real estate objectives, the Modern Law Firm can assist with your American Dream.

Are you looking for a Nebraska real estate attorney that can assist you with property? The biggest single financial transaction an individual or family is likely to enter into is the purchase of a home. For small businesses, too, the lease or purchase of a work space or retail space is a significant undertaking. Whether purchasing or leasing, individuals and entrepreneurs must take the greatest care when dealing with real estate. For anybody, purchasing or leasing real estate requires sophisticated real estate lawyer. Schedule a confidential consultation with a Nebraska real estate attorney at the Modern Law Firm now.

 Real Estate Law

How can a Nebraska real estate law attorney help you acquire your own home or investment properties and achieve your American Dream?

Dream. Plan. Build.

The Modern Law Firm counsels individuals, families, small businesses and homeowners associations in the purchase, sale, leasing, development, and management of residential and commercial real property.

What does your American Dream look like?

Dream. Achieve.

The Modern Law Firm counsels individuals and families in the purchase, sale, design, and construction of residential real property in Nebraska.

Nebraska Residential Real Estate Attorney

 Residential Real Estate Transactions

How can a Nebraska real estate attorney help you acquire your dream home without unnecessary headache?

  • Drafting or reviewing purchase agreements
  • Drafting or reviewing construction agreements
  • Researching good marketable title
  • Handling closing of real estate transaction
  • Negotiating resolution of disputes

 Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Does your American Dream involve owning your own business? Whether your business provides a service, offers goods for sale, or manufacturers products, you will eventually find yourself needing office, retail or industrial space to support your business.

  • Purchasing or building a commercial building
  • Buying land for development or redevelopment
  • Selling a commercial property
  • Acquiring investment properties
  • Leasing or buying office or retail space
  • Environmental regulatory compliance

Office. Retail. Industrial.

A Nebraska real estate attorney can help with the success of your business through careful planning and execution of your business objectives involving commercial real estate.

Nebraska Commercial Real Estate Lawyer

Work. Play. Live.

The Modern Law Firm offers comprehensive legal services to Nebraska homeowners associations, townhome owners associations, and condominium owner associations.

Nebraska HOA Lawyer

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