Learn when the amount of child support you must pay or receive can be changed by courts in Nebraska

When a court orders a parent to pay child support, the amount is based off a calculation that takes into consideration the parent’s financial situation.  Over time, many parents experience a change in their financial condition and encounter difficulties getting by with the existing support order.  This may be due to a change in their job or other life events that affect their income.   If you feel an existing child support order should be changed, you may be wondering how to get child support adjusted in Nebraska.

A voluntary agreement between the parents to modify support order is easiest method

Before going to court, the parents should determine whether they can agree on whether and how to modify an existing child support order.  If the agreement is generally consistent with the Nebraska Child Support Guidelines, then one or both can ask the judge to approve the agreement and enter it as a new order.   If the agreement deviates from the guidelines, then the party requesting a change will need to justify why agreement is proper and will be sufficient to adequately support the child or children.  A voluntary agreement is the quickest and most cost-effective method for modifying child support.

When parents disagree, one or both can ask the court to modify the child support order

Given that money is a major stressor for many parents, it may be the case that the parents cannot agree on a change to child support.  In that case, it is wise to consult with a Nebraska child support lawyer to determine the best strategy.  When you ask a judge to modify support in Nebraska, you need to be prepared to prove that there has been a significant change of circumstances since the child support order was entered.  Based on the type of change in circumstances, the court may modify child support on either a temporary or a permanent basis.

Reasons for temporary child support modification in Nebraska

In general, some changes that justify temporary modification of child support include:

  • a temporary inability to pay child support (due to a temporary financial burden, such as medical costs associated with an illness or health care emergency)
  • a child’s health care emergency
  • a temporary hardship on the “obligee” (the parent receiving child support

child support modificationReasons for permanent child support modification in Nebraska

In general, some changes that justify permanent modification of child support include:

  • a new job with significantly different income (for either parent)
  • remarriage when household income increases significantly
  • cost of living increases
  • a parent is restricted from working due to a disability
  • the child’s needs change significantly
  • if the child support laws change.

When a court enters a permanent modification of a child support order, the new order will be effective until the children reach the age of majority or the court modifies it again due to changed circumstances.

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