Some questions our prospective clients ask include:

What are your business hours?
ABusiness hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Virtual appointments may be scheduled online anytime here.
What distinguishes your law firm from others?
APerhaps most important, the Modern Law Firm is committed to supporting our clients as they pursue the American Dream, which means that we are more interested in planning and building than tearing down. We are selective in accepting new clients, preferring those who will be enthusiastic partners in achieving their American Dream. We have a network of experienced attorneys as well as accountants, financial advisors, and insurance agents, and we can assemble a solid team to help you in that pursuit.

Modern Law Firm also embraces the latest technologies available to law firms in an effort to enhance communication with our clients and provide more cost-effective legal services. We have exceptional legal resources allowing us to provide big firm service with small firm attention. We offer innovative billings arrangements, such as flat fees, hybrid fees, and payment plans in some cases. We strive to provide superior customer service to our clients.

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Do you offer fixed-price services and flat fees?
AThe need for some legal services can arise unexpectedly and cause a financial strain during an already stressful time. When appropriate, Modern Law Firm clients are provided alternative billing arrangement choices, which may include flat fees, hybrid fees (hourly capped at a particular amount, then contingency), monthly retainers, payment plans, or typical hourly rates. All major credit cards are accepted as well. Ask to find out whether your legal matter is appropriate for an innovative billing arrangement.
Do you offer a free consultation?
AWe offer all of our prospective clients a free “meet and greet.” It is a 15 minute meeting with an attorney where you can learn more about our firm, our qualifications, and experience. It is a good option if you are interviewing attorneys.

We also offer a consultation with an attorney for up to an hour, which allows the attorney to learn more about your particular situation and provide responsible advice to you about your legal rights and obligations. Because of the distinctive nature of our law practice, we do charge a fee for this consultation, either $100 for a 30 minute consultation or $150 for a 60 minute consultation. For flat fee matters, this consultation fee can often be applied towards the flat fee charged. At this time, all appointments are by phone or video conference.

What are your hourly rates?
A• $145 to $295 for attorneys
• $95 to $145 for paralegals and legal assistants
• $75 to $95 for law clerks

These fees are for legal professionals employed by or contracted with Modern Law Firm. Other professionals we may refer you to set their own fee schedules, but we are happy to coordinate those services for you.

What is your typical retainer?
ADeposit retainers we request vary depending on the circumstances of each case, but they are typically between $1,000 and $5,000.

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